Mission Statement

RetailPAY strives to become the largest marketplace for Islamic financial products to the unbanked retail segment and one stop solution catering to all their business and personal financing needs.

We are responsive to market realities, retailer attitudes towards technology and remain committed to helping our customers. We are turning our unbanked and financially excluded sector bankable and credit worthy.

RetailPAY provides Last Mile Services (including Product Design, Lead Generation, Qualified Prospecting, Customer Retention, Collection Assistance) to financial institutions and acts as an authenticator for digital credit disbursement.

RetailPAY is an Aggregator App of financial products providing Islamic micro loans and products to the retail segment in Pakistan. We facilitate digital credit to shopkeepers in the form of product financing. The credit enables small entrepreneurs to expand their product range and drive revenue thus creating further employment opportunities and directly impacting the economy. By serving this underserved market segment, we believe that helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses creates a ripple of economic activity that will empower those in their supply chains and in the community beyond. Access to Credit is a basic right for businesses that makes them more resilient during economics downturns and helps them to grow when the economy is expanding. We are a potential partner for all and small retailers. We specialize in providing last mile services for these institutions to startups and financial institutions who want to get in to the digital lending space for micro access small unbanked retailers.

Smart Retailer with
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